Monday, June 20, 2011

Playing Hooky

Brad and I had a lunch date planned this past Friday. However, our lunch date quickly turned into an afternoon date. As soon as we got outside and discovered how beautiful the weather was, we simultaneously agreed to play hooky the rest for of the afternoon.

We called out from work, grabbed our Subway to go, ran home to change our clothes, invite Chester along, and grab some books, and then headed to the lake for the rest of the afternoon. We set up camp right on the bluffs overlooking the water and enjoyed the cool breeze as we relaxed the day away. It wasn't long until we were both napping, enjoying God's blessings in nature.

Chester enjoyed the impromptu field trip, as well. You can tell how happy he was. I mean, honestly, he's the cutest dog ever, right?

Even though it made his momma nervous, he (cautiously) explored the Great Outdoors before joining us in our leisurely lounging.

Family bonding is the best. Especially spur-of-the-moment bonding on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

I've never played hooky before. I have to admit, I kinda enjoyed it. But shhh, keep it on the downlow; I wouldn't want our employers to find out!


Hilary Anna said...

haha soo cute! it's okay, I think you need days like that once in a while! :)

and about the Harry Potter tickets, no i didn't get them yet, I'm planning on going to an IMAX theater and they aren't on sale yet! i'm really hoping I get these tickets! did you get yours yet? :)

Mindy said...

@Hilary Anna Yeah, we bought our midnight movie tickets this weekend. I signed up for Fandango to email me as soon as the 2D version was on sale at my favorite theater. (Not gunna see it in 3D, since none of the others were.) I actually got 6 tickets so a group of us can go. I wanna dress up! It's the last chance I'll ever get!!

The IMAX will be awesome, though! What an incredible experience. Hope you get them!!

Kimberly Washer said...

What a fun day!! I'm glad y'all were able to do that!

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