Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

I mean, seriously. This is ridiculous. Don't we live in the South? Isn't it supposed to be warm? At least warmer than the Midwest where I grew up? To take Chester out this morning, I put on my fleece PJ's, my robe, Brad's long coat, a scarf, my ear muffs, fuzzy slipper socks, and warm shoes, and after all that, my nose hairs still froze! My face was the only exposed skin on my body, and the wind still searched it out just to cut right through it! How in the world can people in Alaska survive in -22 degrees? I am definitely not a fan of this egregious cold weather! For real, our power went out yesterday, due to these outrageously low temperatures (no traffic lights during rush hour traffic is atrocious!) and water manes were busting this morning, causing frozen water to block off various routes all over Nashville. Nearly the entire Mid-State cancelled school today. If we had some snow to show for it, it may be worth it. But just the freezing briskness is completely unnecessary. Where in the world is that global warming I've heard so much about??

However, despite my hatred for our circumstances, I am still reminded of how blessed we actually are. At least we're not enduring temperatures at 50 below, like in some parts of the U.S. Last night, I watched as the news talked about homeless shelters, like the Nashville Rescue Mission, extending their limits as well as churches in the area opening more "Rooms in the Inn" to house people who don't have adequate environments. Afterwards, I went to sleep in my cozy bed, thanking God for our warm apartment, and also the opportunity for Christians to extend His love by offering warmth to people who might not otherwise have it. I will continue to keep the health of our nation in my prayers throughout this chilling arctic blast.


Bonnie Baker said...

I am afraid to go out today. The Room in the in is a wonderful ministry!

Cristin Claire said...

I would also like to mention how FREEZING my office is as work as I am writing this. My hands stay in an ice-state from the moment I wake up until I get home at night, thanks to the giant window in my office.

I guess that's the only negative about having an office, but during this time of the year it can be pretty ridiculous.

chelle said...

I agree if it cold, there should be snow. We are waiting to sled down "art hill" here.

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