Friday, January 23, 2009

Chester's Social Life

Chester is our child, and he has been for the last 3 years. There is no doubt about that. He's always included in our "family portraits." (The one featured is from way back in Thanksgiving '07.) And when people have conversations about their kids, we lovingly relate to them with our Chester. I mean, just because he's a dog doesn't mean that he's not a part of our family, or that we don't love him as much, or that he doesn't demand quite a bit of responsibility. So, basically, we can totally understand where these other parents are coming from. Afterall, he requires a bathtime, too! Right? ;)

Anyway, since he's our child, we oftentimes bring him along with us whenever we go somewhere, especially "regular spots" at friends' houses that we frequent. Lately, he has been getting more and more acquainted with the Bakers, and has thoroughly enjoyed his various playdates with the five Baker kids. That may have all changed, however, after our most recent visit... After kids Two, Three, and Four wheeled him around in their wagon, they decided to play dress up with their four-legged friend! Since it's been so frigid outside, they figured he could use a hat, scarf, and jacket.

Thankfully, he didn't seem to mind too much. Besides, due to their favorite activity of hand-feeding him single pebbles of his dog food, he's been begging to pay them another visit all week long. He'll get his wish, tonight after our bowling adventure (with the Baker Clan and the Howell's) when we go back to their house for games or a movie.

Overall, I'm just really glad to know that Chester's super great with kids. Hopefully, he'll love our future (human) children as much as he loves the Baker 5. It's definitely good practice.


Sasha said...

Very cute doggie!! What kind is he? He looks like a smaller dog in your thanksgiving picture. Is he? I really want a small furry dog like a maltipoo!!

So, children, eh?? Let us know when.... hee hee.. :o)

Bonnie Baker said...

Can't wait to see Chester!! Oh, and you too! :)

chelle said...

I have to disagree that pets can be your "child". You can love them and treat them as member's of your family - but that does not make them human. They do have some resemblance to a perpetual 3 year old.

Then again... I have never been a lover of animals of any kind.

Sasha said...

Sorry this isn't about the post...

But is picasa the way you are making your headers? How do you do that?

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