Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Day Hike

Brad started off his new year in the great outdoors. He's embarking on an adventure to experience God through Nature, and there was no better way to say hello to 2009 than a day hike with the guys. His friend, Pat, from church invited Brad to join him and some old friends as they trailed through The Savage Gulf in the Cumberland Gap, which is basically a giant gorge with lots of wilderness and waterfalls. To document his journey, Brad took my new camera with him. He took a ton of pictures, and I'm going to make collages of some of them so you can see more in this post. (I may be doing that more from now on.)

This is a picture that one of the other guys took. If you look really closely, you can see Brad sitting near the waterfall.

I believe it would be impossible to not encounter God when surrounded by His glorious Nature. Thank You, Lord, for speaking to us through Your Creation.

Complete New Year's Day Hike Photo Album


Cristin Claire said...

How beautiful! Great pictures! And congratulations on the new job- Brad. You will have to fill us in on the details later!

Anonymous said...

Oh gees Brad, I want to go hiking with you. Can I tag along next time?
Momma Metcalf

Jeanna said...


Those pictures are amazing. You did an awesome job with the collage. It looks like a post card. Tell Brad I said Congratulations on the new job1 Love ya

Bonnie Baker said...

Oh, it looks amazing! I really want to take the kids. The first day it is warm enough- we are so there! But I might not let them dangle that near the edge of a waterfall...I am no Britney

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