Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dad Life

I just can't resist sharing funny things that I find on youtube. And for some reason, white people trying to rap about everyday life cracks me up! This is no Swagger Wagon, but it still makes me laugh out loud!

Brad's not even a Dad, yet, but I still see him in some of those things, especially the grilling and the yard work. Although his manscape's got nothing on the guy's in the video! Ow, ow!

Hahaha, dozens of dollars... I'm still chuckling.


Lindsey said...

Yes! Hopefully people in the office don't think we're crazy for always laughing at these videos!


that picture makes me afraid to watch the video... i couldnt watch all the way through swagger wagon!

Kristen said...

We thought this was pretty funny also...probably because it reminded us of Swagger Wagon!

emily said...


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