Thursday, July 15, 2010


When Brad and I first got married, he had these super hot, dark, thick-rimmed glasses. They were full of feisty personality, and I adored them. Then, one day, he gave them to a homeless man while he and some men from church were downtown doing their homeless ministry. Well, that's a very generous and Godly thing to do, sure, but still I missed his glasses!

(If the above picture looks like a mugshot, that's because it basically is. It's his driver's license picture from right after we got married. The only picture I could find of his old glasses.)

Even though he most often wears contacts, he still needed a back up pair of glasses. So, shortly after giving them away, he  replaced his punk-ish glasses with a new pair. However, he picked the new pair out all by himself while I was at work, which means I had no say, and he went with an entirely new style.

He said he wasn't in college anymore and he needed to look professional. (I believe he was working as a stock investor at the time.) So he got some very mature looking wire-rimmed frames that made him look very handsome, indeed. However, handsome and hott are two different things. While I've always thought that Brad is the most handsome man in the entire world, I've spent years secretly lamenting the loss of my husband's feisty appearance.

But guess what he went and did last week, without telling me. He took an undercover trip to the eye doctor and picked out some new, trendy, chunky, nerdy, dark, thick-rimmed glasses and surprised me with them when I came home from work to find him wearing them!

Take a look at how hot he is!! *sigh* Now, he still has the professional frames when he wants to impress somebody with his intelligence, but you better believe he's gunna whip out his rockstar eyewear when he wants to impress his lil' lady! I seriously can't help but swoon every time I see him in them.

I have the best husband in the world for taking my preferences into consideration when it comes to his style. He's even growing his hair out a little bit for me and sneakily forming a faux hawk every once in a while. Oh, someday I'll do a progression of Brad's hairstyles just so you can oogle at his college curls, too!

I know that we've been married for over five years, and you can make fun of me if you want, but I just can't help crushing on my uber hott husband! And, since this is my blog and all, I get to gush about him all I want.

Thanks for indulging me.  :)


Kristen said...

What an awesome thing for a husband to do! Made me smile. And does he have a tattoo??

emily said...

Love the new shades, brad!!!

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