Friday, July 23, 2010


Every time Brad and I travel somewhere, we pick up a souvenir magnet. When we get home, I take a silver Sharpie and write the month and year and the special occasion for the trip if there was one on the back of it. It's always fun to glance at the side of our fridge and be immediately transported back to those memories. I love the constant reminders of fun experiences we've shared together.

Second-priority traveling souvenirs are always Christmas ornaments. We don't pick one up every time we go somewhere, but we do as often as we can remember / can afford it / can find one. It's so fun to jump back in time every holiday season as we decorate our tree to remember fun times.

Do you collect anything, or is there one thing that you just have to get when you visit a place?


Jennifer said...

Matthew and I do this too.. We don't write the month and year but that is a good idea. We just started our collection about 1 1/2 years ago though so we don't have quite as many but we are getting there. Looks like lots of good memories!

Amy Tilt said...

Mindy, I like to collect spoons. I think because Grandma does. I don't have a display rack so they just sit in a basket altogether. Someday, I'll be able to display them. I think they are really neat and I now have quite a collection!

Darlene said...

we used to collect art.... but those days are over!!!

Jake Roberts said...

Glad to see the blue turf represented, go Broncos. By the way, how long will the "Save the Date" magnets from 2006 get to stay on the fridge?

Amy Arnett said...

Jay and I like to find a piece of pottery or glass art from the places we go. The glass started when we bought or first piece in Venice, Italy and we started the pottery when we bought a piece on our honeymoon. We try to find pieces that represent the place we are visiting so they are all very unique. I do need to go back and write the place and date on them. That is a great idea. And P.S. I think the 2006 save the date magnets are awesome, but I may be biased.

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