Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Card Displays

One of my favorite activities during Christmastime is sending, receiving and decorating with Christmas cards from people we love. Last year, I proudly hung them all on our door. But this year, I saw this cute idea on pinterest for displaying cards that I simply couldn't wait to do in our own home.

So I ran to Big Lots and bought 50 feet of red velvet ribbon for $3 and a package of clothes pins for like $1.50 and got my cabinet doors ready for cards. As the Christmas mail has come in, I've immediately pinned it to the awaiting ribbon.

I really like how the decorated doors not only display the love from some of our favorite people, but also warm up our entire kitchen. (And, as an added bonus, there's no tape to peel the paint off of our garage door. Lesson learned.) I'm definitely going to miss the eye candy when we have to eventually remove them.

However, just because the cards will be taken down from our kitchen cabinets doesn't mean that they'll get thrown away. I found another creative way to showcase cards from Christmas past. You just punch a couple holes in the edges and then bind them together with metal binder rings to make a little booklet that  you can set out as a coffee table book for the holidays. Brilliant, right ?

So, now I actually have something to do with the old cards that I just couldn't bear to throw away at the end of the season. I'll make a new pack each year and just toss them on the  table when I set out our Christmas decorations. And it's really fun to casually look back through them and see how people have changed over the year(s).

And speaking of Christmas cards, here's a virtual version of our 2011 card, just for you! Of course, it features a picture from NYC! Did you send out any this year?

Thanks to both of these new tricks, I have a fun and creative way to show off both current cards and past ones. This makes me love my Christmas cards even more! Do you display the ones you receive? Let me know if you use these same techniques. They're really cheap and easy. Hope you have fun decorating with your Christmas mail!


Kristen said...

I totally did this to our cabinets, too!! Minus the clothespins - I used tape. And I just love it. =) Still planning to make the Christmas card booklets!

Kimberly Washer said...

I have my picture cards hanging on foam boards covered with fabric (also from pinterest) and then the folded cards are hanging on a wall space between my ceiling and walkway. I do like them hanging from the cabinets though!! Very Very cute!!

Kimberly Washer said...

Oh and I'm totally doing the flip book thing starting this year...genius!!

Stephanie said...

love the flip book idea! i always keep mine and keep them in a photo box. your beautiful card is gracing our doorway to the kitchen. i just used thumbtacks to put them in the trim. i think the ribbon is cute, might try that next year! our card is on its way to you!

AmandaG said...

Thank you for posting this. I love both ideas and plan on doing both for next year.

Just a quick question, did you buy several flip books at once so they all match throughout the years? Or do you buy a different looking one each year?

Thanks. :)

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