Friday, December 23, 2011

Ready for Christmas

There are few things I love more than a Christmas house. And in addition to our award winning exterior decorations, the inside is all ready for the holiday as well! This is the first time we've celebrated Christmas twice in the same house, so it was kind of weird to decorate and already know where everything went. Thankfully, the addition of new Christmas cards and new ways to display them has added a little variety from last year. And Brad and I found some new stockings that we like better, so our mantle looks a little different, too.

Our tree is mostly the same with a few new additions. And my good friend, Kristen, made me a wonderful green, red, and silver ornament wreathe to hang on the wall, that features a happy Noel the Gnome in the center of it. She knows me very well.

Of course, we personalized our annual Mehaffey ornament for 2011, but we also added some fitting NYC ornaments to our collection. The adorable Mindy and Brad initials are another gift from Kristen, the other M is for Mehaffey and each couple in the family has a matching one, and the "Faith" precious moment one was a gift from my mother-in-law, encouraging us to keep our faith in the Lord as we continue on through our fertility process (so thoughtful!).  I love that we add to our tree's "trimming" each year.

But wait, did you notice all of those presents??? Many of those are for other people that we love, but some of them are for Brad and me, too. Holla!! I'm dying to see what's inside them! (I'm really just anxious for some nice slippers. One of those wrapped boxes under the tree better have a pair of slippers for me! Ahem, Bradley.)

Of course, Christmas is so much more than slippers gifts under the tree. I hope you all get a chance to spend time with your family and those whom you love this weekend!


PS. I'm praying for many of you who are especially reminded of losses over the holiday season, or may be celebrating Christmas for the first time without that certain someone who is missed dearly. My heart is with you. God is near.


Pam Hays said...

Looks great!! You've never been in the same house twice for Christmas since you've been married?! Well, happy staying put! Love you friend. :)

harleygirl said...

So...did you get your slippers? :D By the way, your blog looks so cute right now!

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