Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas House

We have a Christmas House! It's our house, and it's a Christmas house! Oh, I'm just so happy. I didn't necessarily realize it before, but every time I ever envisioned our future home, I always pictured it at Christmastime.

One aspect I was insistent upon in finding our home was a front porch. But not any ol' front porch would do; it had to be big enough for two rocking chairs and it had to have spindles and rails to drape garland on during Christmastime! So, even though I couldn't talk Brad into hanging (or purchasing, really) exterior lights like he helped hang on Kris' house, I still think the outside of ours looks nice and festive! Oh, isn't it just WONderful??

As soon as we walked into our house for the first time last February, I immediately imagined our Christmas tree located perfectly in the center of the living room bay window.

And I was also already anxious to see a fire burning under our Christmas stockings hanging from our Christmasy mantle.

And I was super pleased to see that it featured a banister going up the stairs so I could wrap lit garland around it, which I had always wanted our future home to posses.

And as soon as I saw this particular space off of the living room, with a little prompting from Heather, I knew it was the perfect place for a shelf and bench. And then, once we put up the (long awaited) furniture, I knew it was going to be perfect for my Christmas Corner! I love having such a prominent place to display my Christmas village (note the chapel on the "hill" in which Brad and I were married) as well as our Christmas story books and other random holiday accents.

I've always loved decking the halls for Christmas, but there's just something even more special about it when it's your own home. I'm fully aware that I'm oftentimes a tad bit dramatic (...Okay, sheesh, you could at least pretend to disagree with me on that one), but I'm so not exaggerating when I look around our house, get all giddy, quickly clap my hands and exclaim, "This is just like a dream come true!"

Because I quite literally have dreamt of having this house. And in that dream it was always Christmastime, and the house was fully equipped with garland and bows on the front porch, our tree in the front window, stockings hanging from the mantle over the fireplace, and garland wrapped around the banister. I can't lie; envisioning Christmas in this house is partly what solidified our my decision to purchase the  home and officially declare it Mehaffey Manor.

I think Bradley might be getting a little annoyed at me constantly shouting, "Oh, I just love this!" every time I see the festive outside of our humble abode or focus on a warm area within, but I really don't mind it even if he does. I simply can't help it. Really. Sometimes I honestly cannot believe how much God has blessed us. It's even more obvious to me during this time of the year. I really am just so happy.


Natalie Wilson said...

Absolutely picture perfect... like it's out of a classy magazine! Love love love your decorating style. And your tree looks so lovely... I sure love Christmas too! You have such a beautiful home, and it looks even more wonderful decked up in your Christmas decorations! :)

Kendal E. said...

Beautiful home, Mindy!!

Kristen said...

I love that you get SO excited about your Christmas house! I get so excited about ours, too! And no, you ARE NOT DRAMATIC - AT ALL. (That was me, pretending to disagree with you.) Love you and our mutual Christmasy excitement!

Also! Were we on the same wavelength about our Christmas card design OR WHAT?? I laughed when I saw it. Very cute. =)

Kimberly Washer said...

You have such a grown-up house. I was just thinking this morning how everyone is growing up and it relevent by seeing their houses. It's beautiful!

Dad said...

Your house decorations are, simply put,BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see it in person :-)

Richard said...

Your house looks beautiful. Great job guys.

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