Thursday, December 23, 2010

True Meaning of Christmas

You know how nearly every good Christmas movie talks about getting back to the true meaning of Christmas? And you know how they all end up explaining that a big huge pile of presents isn't what Christmas is really all about?

Well, what if that massive pile of wrapped boxes actually consisted of many much needed gifts for a family that has found themselves very down on their luck? Now, isn't that what Christmas is really all about?

I believe that Christmas Spirit is just a festive disguise for Christian Spirit. This wonderful holiday provides God's children a unique opportunity to exemplify, share, and spread His unconditional love with the world around us.

This year, our life group sponsored a family that had lost literally everything in a house fire. Our Tacky Christmas Sweater Party also doubled as a gift-wrapping party! Everybody pitched in and "adopted" a member of the family. We provided each of the five children with a set of warm clothes, socks and underwear, a winter coat, and shoes. Oh, and of course some toys! The parents received the same sort of list, only their toys were a little more grownup; they got a set of dishes, pots and pans, a new microwave, a small TV, cleaning supplies, and other general  home necessities.

You can't imagine the happiness that filled our house as we all joyfully wrapped items for a family whom none of us had ever met.

The following day, a couple members of our life group got to be Santa Jesus as they delivered the gifts of love to the needy family.

The family was completely surprised and blown away. As soon as the group walked in, they were welcomed with smiling faces and open arms. Even though they didn't speak any English (well, some of the kids could, a little), they all spoke the common language of Love.

The kids were all wearing shorts and dresses, and they immediately bundled up in their new coats and shoes as soon as they were unwrapped. Since I was at work, I wasn't personally able to meet the family, but the pictures of their excitement alone make me so incredibly happy (and tear up).

We gladly shared this love under the pretense of "Christmas" and in the form of gifts, but I am confident that it is God, not Santa Claus, who truly shined through, and it was Love, not Things that was actually received. Even if our Father was never explicitly mentioned, all Good things and all Love come only from Him, for He is Good, and He is Love.

Now, this is the True Meaning of Christmas (and Christianity). Praise God for His everlasting Love and Provision! All of the glory goes to Him. What a real joy and blessing it has been to be used by Him to love on others of His children.

Jesus was so right. (Duh.)
"It is more blessed to give than to receive." (Acts 20:35)


Kristen said...

This is completely awesome, Mindy! I love it. Great idea and very well-said. I teared up, too. =)

Josh Watson said...

Chara and I love it! We sure miss you great Tusculumites. Keep up the great work in God's name.

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