Monday, December 27, 2010

White Christmas

God gave us SNOW for Christmas!

{I always feel like snow is such a wonderful blessing, as it is a reminder of exactly how God sees us as his forgiven and redeemed children. Really, Lord? You make me this clean, over and over again??}

Our Christmas Eve 2010 couldn't officially begin until we were in our Christmas Eve gear: the annual PJ's. This year, Brad surprised me with a onesie, and I love it!

Once were were dressed for the occasion, we kicked the holiday off with the necessary Christmas cookies for Santa. In the past, we have bought the tube of dough and just rolled it out, passing it off as our own. This year, however, Brad we decided to attempt to make a batch from scratch  using an online recipe. Yikes. Not only did I we forget to modify the recipe to a smaller amount, resulting in enough dough to bake five dozen cookies, but  they were also terrible! We ate one point of a star, and spit it right back out. They tasted just like playdough! Blegch!

But that didn't stop us for icing and setting some out for Santa! (I'm sure he's had some pretty horrible cookies in his day.) And, since we only decorated a few, Brad got the opportunity to drink some of the left over icing! (He has decided that he's part elf, because he loves sugar so much.) Besides, the experience together, even with the resulting gagging, is still a fun memory full of laughter with my Favorite. Wouldn't trade it for perfect cookies any day. (Well, maybe next year...)

We set a TV up in our generally TV-less living room so we could cuddle up and watch our favorite movies near the fireplace with a nice view of the tree. From our makeshift bed on the floor, we watched our traditional Christmas Eve movie, A Christmas Carol, and (I) fell asleep before making it to the end of A Miracle on 34th Street.

As soon as we woke up Christmas morning, (well, after I ran outside and jumped around a bit because of the White Christmas) we opened up our stockings.We both gifted each other more Christmas movies (Polar Express for me and A Christmas Story and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation for him). He got The Band Perry CD along with some "Mountain Adventure" Matchbox cars and a few other little kid toys, and I also got a scarf as well as an assortment of my favorite chocolate-and-caramel-combo candy.

That was supposed to be it, since Brad and I generally only exchange stockings. However, Brad didn't very much adhere to that rule this year, as you can see:

So, the gifts continued! He got me two complete outfits, another scarf, a sweater, a set of (nearly impossible to find, size 5) black heels, and some brown boots. Okay, okay. I was a little guilty of overgifting, too, but not quite as obviously so since I could cram most of his gifts inside the stocking. However, I couldn't resist getting him a pair of old man slippers so he could run to and from our friends' houses without getting his socks all yucky!

Also, TJ's family sent me a much needed new Christmas candle, a set of Chicago Cubs ornaments for Bradley (which is very generous, since they're St. Louis Cardinals fans) along with a greatly appreciated gift card, and a sweet Christmas card containing a beautifully colored picture from Rachel.

Lastly, my mama sent us a bag of cash! When we removed the tissue paper, we found dollar bills folded into little Christmas bows! And she even put a few gold dollar coins in the bottom for some jingling in order to throw me off the trail when I inevitably shook it. (I always shake my presents before I open them. Sometimes days before. It's part of the fun, right?)

My dad is coming down later this week, and Brad's family will celebrate Christmas here this weekend, since we always celebrate with them the Saturday after the holiday. (Which means my Christmas gets to last at least  a-whole-nother week! Booyah!) But overall, Christmas was a great time spent enjoying the company of my husband.

We are very spoiled with many presents, but every year we step back to thank our Lord for the best gifts of all: Redemption and Salvation through the birth, life, death, and resurrection of His Son. And (to a much lesser extent, but still greater than any physical luxury), the gift of relationship with each other and our family and friends whom we love so much. God is so good.

I hope you all  had a Very Merry Christmas!


Lindsey said...

Looks you had a wonderful Christmas! And I'm so excited you got Polar Express since I know how much you like it :)

Liesl said...

Sounds like you all had a great time! Bryan got me a pair of one piece pajamas too - funny!!

Jeanna said...

awesome post. Did you get our Christmas card

Kimberly said...

I just love reading your blog!! I'm so jealous y'all had a white christmas thought!!

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