Friday, December 3, 2010

Red and Green and Jeans

So Lindsey, my BWF (best work friend) and Chester's surrogate mama, realized that she and I are very Christmasy when we go outside together! Guess that's why we make such a great pair.

Also, did you notice those jeans that we're wearing!?! At the office!? Oh yeah! We can totally wear jeans to work right now while our office is undergoing an extensive (overdue) remodel!

Right now, our entire office is dust and sheet rock and hammers and nails. Walls are being removed and new offices are being built and we're getting all new carpet and changing all of the paint and decorations. The end result is going to be amazing! I just hope we can make it through the reconstruction without losing our minds. They claim that it'll be finished by the end of the year before Busy Season 2011 begins. We'll see.

Luckily, my area hasn't been demolished, yet. Since the reception area and lobby is what clients see when they come in, they're waiting until the end to destroy it with hopes of a super speedy recovery. When it's finished, I think it'll be awesome. The location of my desk is shifting and I'm getting a new coffee bar and mini fridge for refreshments! Holla!

With that end result in mind, and the fact that we can wear jeans to work as we battle the drywall dust, I'm pretty much a happy camper.


emily said...

Lindsey! I finally see you! :)

you girls are totally cute!

Amy Tilt said...

Love the jackets!! Jeans to work is so fun, a sense of a little freedom.

Darlene said...

you are too cute.

Lindsey said...

Yes! Love our Christmas/jeans picture! I can't wait to see what the office looks like on Monday :)

Dad said...

Wow! That is a really stylish jacket!! :-)

Abby said...

Too cute! Miss y'all!

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