Monday, June 14, 2010

Chester's surrogate family

Brad and I took an extended weekend vacation away to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. (You can definitely be expecting some blog posts.) This meant that Chester got his own extended weekend vacation with his new favorite friends, Lindsey, my friend from work, and her roommate, Claire.  

He has stayed with them quite a bit lately, as Brad and I have been on camping trips and graduation travels and whatnot, and he totally loves it at their house. First of all, they don't own a pet, so when he's there, he rules the roost. And not only that, but since they aren't used to having a dog around, they spoil him completely rotten. He sits on their laps, sleeps in Lindsey's bed with her, goes on car rides all the time, and gets the opportunity to do tons of tricks for tons of treats. Believe me, every time we leave him, I'm afraid he won't want to come back home with us when we return.

But this past weekend, he didn't forget about us at all! He (well, Claire) tweeted us this adorable postcard wishing us a happy anniversary! It sure is nice to know that he's still thinking of us even amidst the sea of treats and spoilage over there at their casa.

Which, by the way, you better believe he got a big fat treat for posing for this picture. (It was actually hovering above the camera at the time of this shot...) Seriously, I can't believe he even jumped back into our car, yesterday. I guess he has little control over his excitement when he hears "Do you wanna go bye-bye??" I mean, who does, really?


Lindsey said...

He's seriously so much fun! I miss having him run down the stairs to meet me when I get home. Guess that means he's just gonna have to come stay with us again :)

The Confer's said...

How sweet! hope you enjoyed your trip!


Claire Austelle said...

I have to agree with Lindsey. I was a little sad last night when I went upstairs, and I didn't have little feet running behind me. I feel like a little kid asking if he can over and play again!

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