Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pop Music

I am not ashamed. (Or at least that's what I keep telling myself.) I am completely obsessed with pop music, right now. Remember when I realized that I was totally lame and decided I wanted to be hip again? Well, I took a nose-dive into mainstream music and have realized that the water is nice and warm! Not only that, but I've somehow succeeded in convincing Bradley to wade around in the pop pool alongside me!

I'm just going to go ahead and say it. We have Bieber Fever. This dude is seriously only like 16 years old, and his songs are honestly dorky, but we simply do not care. We can sing Justin Bieber's Baby all day long. Actually, we did just that the whole time we were at the water park on our anniversary trip, and nearly drove the Jordan brothers crazy. That is, until they unconscioiusly joined us for a round of the chorus. You try listening to that song and then keeping it out of your head the rest of the day! Impossible, I tell ya! That Bieber Bug is gunna hit you, too...

For weeks, Brad and I have been grooving to all the Top 40 Hits on the radio. Believe me, they play the same songs often enough that it's extremely easy to know each of them by heart after only a few days. We could totally sing Katy Perry's California Gurls a capella; we know and love it so much. Same for Train's Hey Soul Sister and Ke$ha's Your Love is My Drug, which is awful and oh-so-relatable at the same time. Seriously, I could go on and on of all the songs we sing karaoke to.

There's just something fun about embracing your dorkiness, owning your lameness, and geekily belting out these songs in the car. Or in your house. Or at a water park.

To celebrate my new found love of annoying and lame, yet completely lovable pop music, I want to share with you this mashup of some of the biggest hits from last year. It's incredible. The mashed up song is called "Blame it on the Pop," and it takes segments of various songs from 2009 and splices them together to create one geniusly blended song that "blames it on the pop, blames it on the dance, blames it on the rock 'n roll."

It took me a few times through (and another youtube video of the lyrics) for me to really understand it, but I am definitely in love with it. I was surprised how many of the songs I recognized, since I spent last year out of the loop. Huh, maybe I'm not quite so lame, after all.

Do you like current pop music? Would you admit to it if you did? Do you judge me for embracing my pop obsession? You should embrace it too, and join Brad and me in the mainstream pool of pop! The water's nice and warm... I think you just might like it!

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