Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kool-Aid Kids

In the Hill Ridge Hood, Kool-Aid is the drink of choice. The flavor may change, but the beverage always remains the same.

When the boys play basketball, they prop up the jug full of their favorite sugary drink on the tailgate of Kris's truck, where it's handy for refreshing refills between games.

They love their kids' drink so much that they even sip it from matching Kool-Aid water bottles. Oh yeah, they are that legit.

Of course, they had to pose for one picture with their honorary member of the Hill Ridge Crew, Kool-Aid Man. He's always hanging around, fouling on the basketball court, and offering to refill their bottles. If he didn't take up so much space, they'ed let him be in more pictures. But at least he's always smiling!

Did you grow up on Kool-Aid like we all did? What's your very favorite flavor? For me, it's red. Okay, I know that's technically a color and not a flavor, but it's my fave nonetheless. How about you?


Bryan said...

fruit punch!!!

Darlene said...

so, you won't believe it, but I can't stand Kool-Aid. Can we still be friends????

Coffee Please!?! said...

BLUE!! I didn't know they were "flavors" -- we always chose by color!!

Dad said...

Back in MY day, there was ROOT BEER flavored Kool-Aid. It was delicious! Wish they would bring it back :(

Lindsey said...

Haha, looks like you kids have a little too much fun in Hill Ridge :)

Pam Hays said...

Ok, where did you get the giant Kool-Aid guy?!


The best thing about this post is brads outfit!

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