Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I can't wait!

I can not get Harry Potter off my mind! First of all, his incredible theme park opened earlier this month in Orlando. Then, the World Cup reminds me so much of the Quidditch World Cup represented in Book 4 (they even both play on "pitches") that I can hardly watch a soccer game without wondering where the brooms are and who's gong to finally catch the snitch. (RIP, USA's efforts.)
But even more exciting than any of that, we've just received our first glimpse of the first installment of the final movie!

Oh my goodness, I'm nervous to show it because it gives so much away! So let me issue a formal *Spoiler Alert* and advise any of you who may be currently reading the books or hoping to finish the series before you watch the movie to not view this trailer. All the rest of you, go ahead and indulge yourselves!

Holy macrel! I'm seriously freaking out. I can't wait!! If I could go ahead and preorder my Midnight movie tickets six months in advance, you better believe I would do it in a heartbeat!!

Now, you guys know that I'm absolutely partial to the novels rather than the films. But I'm so loyal to the story, in general, that I'll take the Wizarding World in any form I can get! Besides, the reason I prefer the books over the films so much is because the filmmakers must so greatly condense the storyline to fit into a movie; with this final chapter being split into two films, I have high hopes that they'll stay true to Rowling's dramatic conclusion.

Oh, I wish the entire world read and loved HP, so they could all experience this kind of excitement as we anticipate the end of an era! (No more books, theme park has opened, and finally the last movie... Sad day!)

Do you love Harry Potter? Are you so stinking pumped about the last movie(s)? Are you constantly being reminded of Quidditch during this World Cup season?

I ♥ Harry Potter!!

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Matthew said...

Ok, holy cow! I just about peed a little...

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