Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lights at Heights

Emily bought some Christmas lights on sale last year and simply could not wait to decorate the outside of her house with them. However, Kris is pretty much afraid of heights and not at all excited of the prospect of hanging them along the high rooftop. So whether or not she would be able to convince him to string the festive lights for their neighbors us to see was kind of up in the air.

When Brad got the panic stricken text message from Kris this past weekend pleading with him to "just come watch, maybe catch me if I fall, and try to make sure I don't die" as he decorated his house,  I should have known that it was obviously code for " please crawl all over my roof, climb to the very highest point, and do all the scary high up work to hang these lights for me so my wife will be happy and and stop begging me to do it."

I snuck a few glances (and pictures, obviously) out of our window while I was getting ready for the church Christmas party, and I wasn't at all surprised to see Kris' feet planted firmly on solid ground or to see Bradley climbing around their rooftop like a monkey. I suppose that's what friends are for. I think it's even in the BFF Agreement, Article 7.

All the combined hard work definitely paid off, though, because it really looks super awesome. I love looking out my window and seeing the twinkling outline of a good friend's home. Makes me all full of warm Christmas fuzzies.

Now, if I could just talk Brad into hanging lights up on our own house, I'd be even happier...


Lindsey said...

You weren't kidding about them being boyfriends! Here's hoping your house is next!

Emily said...

Thank goodness for Brad being our next door neighbor and best friend!! I'm lovin the it's time for your house!

Kris said...

1. you made me sound like a sissy
2. you will notice that i am at least on the ladder
3. I would be happy to help put lights on your house (lower portion)
4. thanks for letting me borrow your husband

Jamie Frankum said...

love the lights! I LOVE christmas lights and these are pretty ones! Good job boys!

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