Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jigsaw casualties

In accordance with my new Christmas Puzzle Tradition, I was anxious to whip out an old favorite of mine. It's a collection of Norman Rockwell's famous Christmas paintings.

I love doing this particular puzzle for many reasons: I love Norman Rockwell's style, and especially the nostalgia these paintings bring to Christmastime; it's like doing four puzzles in one; and this was my very first "Christmas Puzzle," which I've been putting together annually for years.

However, throughout it's lifespan, my favorite puzzle has sustained a couple minor injuries. For instance, it's completely missing a piece. Lost. Gone. Kaput. Nowhere to be found. And it's even an important edge piece, at that! Sad day.

Another piece is all but destroyed thanks to Chester's youthful puppy days when he would gnaw on anything dropped on the floor. The chewed up piece is nearly unrecognizable, rendering it only placeable based on its shape alone without being able to consider the picture it holds. Furthermore, it barely even stays in place after his puppy spit made it all soggy, swelled up and deformed. Sad day, indeed! But I suppose it still gets the job done.

This year, my friend, Pam, helped me assemble it, which means she gets to sign the back of it once I get it all glued together. Oh yeah, and Brad did manage to put in one single piece just so he could autograph it, too. I guess I have to stay true to my word.

Did you start any new traditions this Christmas?


Erin Howell said...

I love the puzzles! I'm quite terrible at them... Rachel would get them for me for Christmas and I would have to give them back to her to do for me, including my 3D puzzle of big Ben. LoL

Kimberly Washer said...

Is it going to be sad for you to frame this one since you have been working on it every Christmas?? I love that it has those memories captured in it. I really think I might still this idea from you. I hope you don't mind : ).

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