Monday, October 15, 2012

"Meant to be Together" by Emily Cowan

My best friend is famous!! Or at least she is bound to be after this!

Emily Cowan just released her first official music video!

Y'all, get ready, 'cause it's awesome!

Okay, right? What'd I tell you? It's amazing! EEEEEE!! I'm just so excited for her! (And for me! Yahoo for famous best friends!!)


Kristen said...

Cute song and cool video!! She's so pretty. =) And she has a beautiful voice!

Erin Howell said...

love it! I watched it this morning at various stop lights on my way to work. :) It's a beautiful song and video.

Sloan Smith said...

She is AMAZING. For realz…. That was awesome!

Emily Cowan said...

you are so amazing and sweettttttttttttt!!!

love youuuuuu!!!!

Aunt Cathy said...

Wow Mindy, your friend Emily is awesome! She has such a beautiful voice!

Dad said...

I TOTALLY agree with all the previous comments! Emily is a BEAUTIFUL person and her voice sounds heavenly! I think God should check to see if one of his angels is missing!!

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