Monday, October 22, 2012


Happy RED Day! Yahoo!!! Today is such a great day! Taylor's new album if finally released!

The iTunes album was released at midnight, and I couldn't help but download it ASAP. Thanks to some sneaky timezone tricks, I was able to get it earlier! I listened to the whole album through once before bed, then again as I fell asleep. I love it already!
But that didn't stop me from heading to Target right as it opened to purchase their deluxe edition with six additional bonus tracks! I want all the Taylor I can get! And I wasn't the only one there bright and early snagging my very own hardy copy of her fourth album. (Nor was I the only one posing for a picture near the already-emptying front display!) I had to wait in line to grab my 2-disc album.
Two years ago, for the Speak Now release, I was just barely able to refrain from purchasing a t-shirt that was displayed near the CDs. This year, not so much. That cute grey one was too tempting! And those Target employees sure know how to sing a siren's song! Of course, I couldn't wear it today. Today, RED Day, only my red shirt, red jewelry, and red lips would do! Yay for Taylor Holidays!
I've already listened to the album multiple times. I can't quite decide which is my favorite song. Maybe it's the big sound of "State of Grace." Maybe one the ballads like "All Too Well" or "Sad Beautiful Tragic" or "Begin Again." Or one of the duets like "The Last Time" with Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody or "Everything Has Changed" with my British fave, Ed Sheeran. Or the fun, dancey ones like "22" or "I Knew You Were Trouble." Yeah, obviously I can't make up my mind, yet. So far, I'm not wanting to skip over any of them, including the six bonus ones from Target, and that's a good sign!
I love hearing Taylor's perspective of each song: 
This album is most certainly the most eclectic one TSwiz has compiled. I love how her voice adapts to every style and genre she fearlessly approaches. I can't wait to memorize every word to every song and belt them out in my car! I gotta go! It's time to listen again!
Have you listened to it yet? Did you buy the iTunes version or the hard copy? Do you pour over the lyrics like I do? What's your favorite song? Do you like hearing some of Tay's new sounds?
PS. Finding the hidden messages within the lyrics in her liner notes was just as fun this time as it was the three times before! Now, how to determine the subject of each song?? Let the speculating begin!


Kristen Hicks said...

Glad you're enjoying it! I'll have to check it out. The main thing I wanted to say, though, is that you look *stunning* with RED lipstick!! So pretty.

Liesl said...

Ha Ha - love the matching outfit/lipstick!! A true Swiftie!!!!

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