Monday, October 25, 2010

Speak Now

Today is like my Christmas in October! Taylor Swift's third album, Speak Now, is finally released!! I've been anticipating this new installment to my TSwift collection almost more anxiously than I anticipate Disney's Vault opening!

Isn't she beauuuutiful??
I was thiiiiis close to buying it the minute it came out, (you know how I love my midnight releases) but I discovered that Target was releasing a Deluxe Edition that included a second CD with some extra acoustic versions of her songs as well as some additional new songs and some video footage! Of course, I have to have the best of the best when it comes to my best friend. To my intense sadness, Target doesn't open their doors until 8:00 in the morning... Which simply means that I left work a mere 15 minutes after I arrived this morning so I could swiftly (see what I did there?) acquire my new prized possession!

I was barely strong enough to resist the T-shirt temptation.
The Target employees must have already noticed a Swizzle rush, or they could just recognize a lady on a mission, because as soon as I walked in, they directed me straight to the Taylor display, and I made a beeline to my new fave CD. I heard a couple of them chuckling amongst themselves as I took a self portrait of my excitement, and they discussed how they can "already see the crowd comin' in!" Whew. Good thing I beat the rest of them!

The dress is red rather than purple on Target's Deluxe Edition.
It's fair to say that I absolutely love this album and every song on it. I've spent all day listening to the entire CD on repeat, reading the lyrics and committing them to memory, not to mention decrypting the hidden messages she puts in the booklet within the lyrics of each song by having a series of letters capitalized throughout, spelling something unique to the story. She's so clever.

Oh, how I love Taylor! Honestly, we're the best of friends (and she doesn't even know it). I'm so happy today. What a happy, Taylor-filled Monday!

With Beauty and the Beast coming out, AND Speak Now, October has been a release month designed just for me! I believe it's the little things in life that make the biggest smiles... ♥


Pam Hays said...

You are so precious. I'm so glad that you had such a happy Monday!

Kristen said...

You totally crack me up! Love you!

Kimberly Washer said...

So, funny story. My friend at work read an article yesterday about how she has hidden messages in her songs. So, she did that a lot at work yesterday. Then when I got on my blog I noticed that you had written a post about Taylor and I was going to tell you about the hidden messages. I should have known that you already knew about it!! Maybe they could do a remake of beauty and beast and Taylor Swift could be beauty...just for you!!

Erin Howell said...

haha I can't believe you left work to go get the cd. :)

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