Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sweet Date

Brad and I had a super sweet date last night, consisting of big mugs filled with hot chocolate, a classic fairytale, and lots of couch cuddling; all very sweet things. It was wonderful.

It's no surprise that I love Beauty and the Beast and couldn't wait for it's long-awaited release from The Vault. So having a romantic cuddlefest with my hubs to watch my fave Disney love story asap was a given. The weather-induced beverage of choice was just icing on the date-cake.

The re-watching of the enchanted Tale as Old as Time reminded me of why I love it so much in the first place! While I remembered all the main points (the fact that I love Belle most of all, that Chip is so stinking adorable, the oh-so-Broadway "Be Our Guest" number, the incredible ballroom scene, etc, etc.), I had forgotten so many of the other great parts of this movie! Like this song that made me grin super big the whole time! Bonjour!

And this scene and song that contains so much aww-factor I can hardly stand it! (Isn't she sooo pretty??)

I caught myself giggling over and over again at all the little parts that are aimed toward children (Belle's dad sliding out from under his invention with those big goggley glasses enlarging his eyes, the pig snorting along with Lefou after he falls into the mud, the Beast's first "makeover" that makes him look like a poodle, any interaction between Lumiere and Cogsworth, etc, etc.), and I was thankful that I have a husband who found all the childish snickering endearing rather than embarrassing.

According to my calculations: Beauty and the Beast + Hot Chocolate / Cold Breeze Through An Open Window * Loving Hubby = Sweetest Date Night In, Ever.

(Okay, so I've never been considered a math whiz by anybody, but that equation looks pretty legit to me.)

If you haven't watched Beauty and the Beast in a long time (or *gasp* ever!), please run out and get it immediately! Also, if you haven't inaugurated the new season with a marshmallow topped mug of hot cocoa, please add it to the top of your priority list. Thank you.


Lindsey said...

You guys make me happy! I can practically hear Mrs. Potts singing Tale As Old As Time in my head :)

Jenn s said...

That sounds like a wonderful evening to me! I'll have to add the whole thing to my "to do" list - you know I'm list crazy right? ;-)

Anonymous said...

you used to love Little Mermaid a lot! However, I know you loved a lot of Disney movies.

Erin Howell said...

So on the off chance that I may stay at your home in a few weeks, can I watch Beauty and the Beast? :)

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