Monday, October 11, 2010

Sheldon Search Party

It had been weeks since Brad or I had seen any glimpse of Sheldon. Last we knew, he was enjoying his stay with Charles and Emily. But we had gone out of town for a weekend, and were sure that he would turn up somewhere in Mehaffey territory while we were out.

But to our surprise, we never came across his new location. Brad and I secretly searched for him around our house multiple times. We performed extensive laps around our entire lot looking for the little critter. Eventually, after we had searched everywhere (i.e. deep inside bushes, in the grill, in the garden hose holder, etc.) for like the hundredth time, we issued a Missing Sheldon Report and gathered the Crew together to form an official search party.

However, everybody else just snickered amongst themselves. They were absolutely no help at all. While stifling giggles, they kept saying, "We can see him from here." This was the view. Do you see him???

Yeah. Me neither. They laughed and laughed. We were already mortified that we had to stoop so low as to ask for help locating our mascot (oh the shame!), and there they go, making fun of us straight to our faces. Hmph. Some friends.

They would give no hint other than, "We're looking at him right now." As soon as I whipped around to follow their gazes, each of them whistled, turning their eyes in various directions. Man, not quick-sneaky enough to catch them! Emily admitted, "Every morning, I look out the window to check and see if he's still okay." Boy, thanks for the help. I'm seriously straining my eyes to find him, and you can just glance out your window and spot him in a second, huh? How very nice for you...

And then I noticed a little something out of place... Oh, you've got to be kidding me! 

You guys seriously expected us to find him there!? Very sneaky, Hill Ridge Crew. Very sneaky, indeed. At least we had the decency to "hide" him somewhere completely obvious!

Consider the ante officially upped. It's so on like Donky Kong.
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