Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dog Food Confusion

You know how Chester likes to crawl inside his dog food bag, right? Well, he doesn't seem to quite understand that he can't also fit inside one of the smaller bags.

Doesn't he look like a giant dog?
We were in a hurry, and just grabbed a small bag this time, even though we normally buy the biggest bulk-sized bag possible. Since he seemed to be in the mood to crawl into a bag of dog food, I threw down the empty one for him to play in. (I'm just that kind of loving mama who likes to please her sweet pup.)

That's more like it.
However, it didn't take very long of him licking crumbs to realize which bag had the better reward, and he went right back to squeezing his little head into the smaller one. He's no dumby, that dog of mine. He's smarter than he looks.

To each his own.
Chester is so, incredibly weird. But I totally love him and wouldn't have it any other way.


Chambray Blue said...

So cute!

Thomas said...

Your dog is totally normal compared to Buddy!

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