Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another year older

Happy Birthday, Bradley!

{Pic from his 80's birthday party, last year.}
My hubby turns 27, today! For some reason, 27 seems extra-grownup to me. (Much more so than 26, anyway.)

{Pic from his recent roadtrip out West, post pending.}
I'm so excited to begin another year of watching you conquer your world, Bradley. You're strong and you're brave, and I am prouder of what you have already accomplished and what you are currently striving to achieve than you could ever know. Ever. I admire your courage and strength, and simultaneously appreciate your tenderness and love. You deserve the world. Go get it.

So, happy birthday.

Here's to another year older.
Another year stronger.
Another year braver.
Another year of growth.
Another year of accomplishments.
A year becoming even closer to the man you want to be; the man God intends for you to be; the man I know you are.
Another year together.

Happy birthday, Love.

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