Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Low key bday bash

Last week, Brad turned 27. He didn't want to have a party or do anything big or extravagant like last year (I guess that really does mean he's getting old huh?), so we just spent the evening with some BFs; Kris, Emily and Layla Grace.

His bday dinner of choice? Chick-Fil-A! I was more than happy to accommodate that birthday wish, since I haven't had the pleasure of a Chick-Fil-A meal in ages. A long, long time ago (I'm talking the beginning of college, people!) Brad decided that the chicken there was soggy and gross, so he's refused to go back. Recently, however, Kris talked him into going again (I'm pretty sure Kris was uninformed of his aversion and simply suggested it, and Brad didn't want to be rude, so he agreed.), and he fell in love with the food, much to the pleasure of the cows, and myself.

A birthday celebration's not a birthday celebration without a candle to blow out. Er... Even if that candle was never actually lit and the "blowing out" was for picture purposes only.

Here's the "Group Shot" with the birthday boy barely in it, because he didn't feel like taking another one. I suppose when it's your birthday, you get to be crabby about group shots...

After dinner (and a little shopping to spend some of his birthday cash gifted to him from family), we went to Steak 'n Shake for dessert. Um, I don't know if you are aware or not, but they no longer offer their Strawberry Shortcake! *Gasp* Yeah! I know! I'll give you a minute to grieve that great loss... {tick, tock} The waiter tried to make it up to me by putting five extra cherries on my sundae. It kind of helped a little. But still...

I suppose as you get older, a little dinner and dessert with besties is all you need for your birthday to be special and great. Sounds good to me. Whatever floats your boat, yo. Saves me from doing stressful gift-deciding. Besides, I got Chick-Fil-A and an over-cherried turtle sundae for his birthday! I'm pretty sure it may as well have been my birthday, too! Sweet.

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