Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wild Wild West

For Halloween this year, Brad and I were a cowboy and girl visiting from the Wild West!

Can you believe that Brad made those chaps (complete with fringe) and that vest completely from scratch!?  They are totally legit. I am definitely impressed with his mad sewing skillz. Combined with my Target purchase (What? We're not that crafty!), together we made a pretty believable Western couple, huh?

Since surrounding ourselves with people we love is kind of our thing, we hosted a Cowboys and Indians costume party! A lot of our friends were able to get into character, as well, and many of them even joined in on the theme.

After we spent a substantial amount of time munching on all the festive goodies, many of us gathered together to play a game called Loaded Questions. What a hilarious way to get to know each other better! Lots of great laughs (and a few inappropriate comments) finalized our Happy Halloween of 2010.

I pretty much love our friends and getting to spend time with them. Having people over to our house (and finally having a house big enough to accommodate our party addiction) is pretty much one of Brad's and my favorite things in the whole world. Any excuse to have everyone over is good enough for us. Add costumes, games, finger foods, snacks, and punch to the mix, and we're totally sold.

We are so blessed to have these awesome people in our lives.
Love you all!

Did you and your family have a super great Halloween? If you dressed up, what were you??


Amy Tilt said...

That looks like a cool party! How fun! We had a small party at my Dad's on Saturday and then trick or treated around our neighborhood. JD was a transformer, Georgia was a bumble bee, Derek was some rock star- I forgot the name:/. We had fun and it looks like ya'll did too!

Chara said...

I knew it! I knew those were chaps!!!

Jamie Frankum said...

Sorry we missed the fun! Handing out candy is one of my favorite things to do on Halloween so we stayed home this year. I would of loved to see those outfits in person though. :-)

Erin Howell said...

I love that costume! Super cute... and I would totally be stealing your boots if you didn't have tiny feet.
Wish we weren't missing each other this weekend.. :(

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