Monday, November 8, 2010

Cutting the ribbon

I'm so proud of my little brother! Saturday, he was invited to cut the ceremonial red ribbon of a local skate park that he helped to create!

It's no news that he loves all things skating, so when his hometown banned the use of skateboards, rollerblades, bikes and scooters all over the city, he was understandably frustrated. But instead of just complaining about it or even refusing to comply with their wishes and continuing to enjoy  his sport to spite them, he actually did something about it.

With the help of my mom, and ultimately many other people in the community, Trevor began the process of launching a legitimate skate park in town. They have spent years raising money, designing the layout, even speaking with city officials, and finally his dream has been realized! 

Trevor remained the "poster child" for the project, and was very effective in changing the community's opinions of people who practice the sport by intelligently representing his peers openly in front of the city. Because of his involvement from start to finish (despite the fact that he and my mom have since moved away), he was honored in front of a large crowd of fellow skaters, parents, and other members of the community by officially opening the park and initiating the smooth concrete with some pretty impressive tricks.

For a day, my baby brother was a celebrity; not only a hero to the little kids who someday hope to excel at their favorite past time, but also a hero to anybody with a dream and the determination to follow it through.

I'm so proud of Tevo. He was confident that he was not the hoodlum the community told him he was, and he worked really hard to change that public opinion. He exemplified great bravery when he gave speeches and presented his dream in front of big city officials. He persistently showed his determination as he continued to conduct fund-raisers and participate in long meetings with professional skaters and designers to construct the flow of the park. I'm so glad that all of his hard work has finally paid off! I'm such a proud big sis.

Way to go, Little Bro!

Read more about the Grand Opening in The Journal Review, and The Paper.


Meagan said...

i'm so proud of trevor! i loved reading this post. that park looks great, hopefully he'll get to use it when he visits your dad and richard. miss you!

leslie said...

Tell cousin I said "way to go!" That's so great!

Megan Linder said...

Hey mindy. it is megan from Lebanon Church of Christ, Lebanon Indiana. How are things going for you now days? Things here in Indiana are going good so far. I have been married now for 2 and a half yrs and have a 3 yr old son named Zachary and a 3 month old daughter named Nyah.I found you on facebook and wanted to get back in touch with ya and see how you are doing. talk to you later have a good week.

Dad said...

I just want to reiterate the fact that C-ville's kids now have a REAL HERO that they can look up to! I wish you could've been there to see all the kids looking at Tevo like he was a movie star. In their eyes, I guess he is. I couldn't be any more proud even if he won the Nobel Peace Prize! WAY TO GO, TEVO!!

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