Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fright of 2010

Brad and I don't watch a million scary movies every October, anymore, but how can you have a Halloween without at least a little fright? To meet our fear quota for the holiday, we joined our friends Alex and Amber and scared ourselves silly at Millers Thrillers Haunted Woods.

David and Harmony Miller (the corpse bride and groom in the picture) are friends of ours from college. It was really neat to support them and see for ourselves how great their haunted woods were. Every single costume was incredible, the trail was super spooky complete with lots of startled-scream-inducing frights. I'd give it an A+ even if it wasn't run by friends!

We couldn't take pictures on the trail, but here's one of the four of us waiting in line. It was taken shortly after a crazy jester got in my face and I screamed and I accidentally clutched onto Alex's arm instead of my own husband's. Seriously, it doesn't take much to scare me. I was the perfect victim.

Of course we had to woo a stranger into taking a group shot by the hay bale after we (barely) survived the woods. (Seriously, barely survived. We literally had to crawl through a broken down limo with a scary person sitting there and jumping out at every third or fourth person! So close! So scary!) To celebrate our survival, we each calmed down warmed up with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Ahhh... That's better...

PS. Aren't Alex and Amber just so vogue?

I don't necessarily go crazy about Halloween like some people, but it is always fun to make a fool of yourself by nearly peeing your pants amidst a bunch of strangers, creepy clowns, corpses, and lumberjacks (they must work with wood, or why else would they all be using those chainsaws??) at least once a year. Thank you, Millers, for meeting that need. :)

Did you scare yourself silly this year? (AKA, did you pee your pants at all??)


Lindsey said...

Oh you are so much braver than me! No way would I go to the haunted woods! Ok, that was kind of a lie - I'd probably go if a boy asked me :)

emily said...

totally random...but i LOVE LOVE LOVE your hat!!! :)

Erin Howell said...

Do you remember that time we went on a haunted trail?? And that creeper kept following us saying "Rachel..." ahh!. I'm too much of a chicken for scary Halloween stuff...
Glad you had fun!!

Kimberly Washer said...

I love haunted houses or woods or anything because I love being scared, but I'm one of those that is also the easy victim!! We weren't able to go to any this year because Malaysia doesn't really celebrate halloween...BOO!!
As soon as I read the "some people" I knew that link had to go to Ashley's blog! Very Cute!! I'm glad ya'll had fun! I have heard great things about David's haunted woods. Hopefully next year we can go!

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