Monday, November 1, 2010

Homemade Costume

My Mondays at work are always super busy, so I don't have time to compile the Halloween post that I'd like. But, since I know you're dying for some details, I'll give you a little teaser:

Brad sewed his own costume, this year. Can you believe it? He went to Joanne Fabrics, himself, finagled a pattern using his own clothes, then spent hours at the sewing machine creating it. You won't believe how great it turned out!

Any guesses on what he was/made? (No cheating, if you already know.)


Nicole said...

I dont couldnt tell what it was... will you tell me??

Allen said...

is it a Mess? yep that's it

Leigha said...

Where is the finished product?

Amy Tilt said...

That's cool to see him at a sewing machine!

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