Friday, January 21, 2011

Henry the Neighborly Snowman

Brad and I are too busy (aka, lame and lazy) to utilize all of this Southern snow as it was truly intended. However, some neighbors of ours are smart enough to not let the opportunity pass them by, and I get to vicariously live my youthful, wintry life through them! Check out this big guy that I get to pass on my ways in and out of the neighborhood. Since I don't know what name they've officially given him, I've decided to go a head and call him Henry. I especially like his "bow tie." Haha. These neighbor strangers of ours are very clever.

Have you made a snowman yet this winter? Hope you don't catch a case of the Mehaffeys and miss your chance while it lasts!


Sharon said...

I remember the first time you saw snow coming to the Midwest after spending most of your life, at the time, in Dallas Texas. I was so excited to show you the stuff that you could have so much fun with. We got all dressed up with hats, coats and gloves and I was prepared to play for hours. We walked maybe half the length of side walk and in your four year old voice said "this is really cold mommy can we go inside?" What you don't like the snow?

Kris said...

I'm kinda dissapointed that you don't have a picture of the 10 foot tall snow man that was one road over. it was a lot cooler than this little guy.

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