Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Nashville has seen so much snow this winter! I just can't get over how beautiful it is. Here's the view from our back door yesterday.

I thought Walter was cold before, but look at him now! All you can see is the tip of his little gnome hat peaking out from under the fresh snow blanket!

According to our calculations, there was a solid three inches of snow on our picnic table. And that was even before it had all finished floating down for the day!

Chester hasn't quite enjoyed this particular snowstorm as much as usual. Since it's so deep, he can hardly trench through it to go potty. And when he comes back inside, he has little snowballs gathered around all four of his legs and even stuck to his belly and chest. He steps into the house and just stands there, frozen, like he doesn't know how to move with all that cold stuff on him. Ha. I think he's so cute. So each time, I try to knock off as many of the mini-snowballs as I can just for him to then eat them up off of the floor. As long as he doesn't eat any of the yellow snow, I think we'll be fine.

Have you guys gotten tons of snow already this winter? I feel like it's coming down everywhere! Have you actually played in it? We've been to lame to bundle up and make a single snow man or snow angle all winter. I'm ashamed of ourselves.

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Kimberly Washer said...

Nope it's hot over here, but my mom is saving me some snow for when we get home in february!!! Whooo hooo!!

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