Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Babies

Look at my sweet girls enjoying their first snow!

They're best friends already.

 Sweet Charlie Joy

 Snow Angel, Layla Grace

 This picture of the girls together is precious. (And this picture of Kris panicking, trying to hold Layla up is hilarious!)

 But this sweet one of him and his baby girl makes up for that one.

And here begins the duel meltdown. 

 Poor, sweet girls.

They had enough of that cold snow!

I just love these girls like they were my very own!


Kristen said...

Oh, man, I laughed so much at this post! It was too cute and the daddy freak-out was the beginning of the end. =)

Liesl said...

They ARE very cute!!

emily said...

Hahaha! Man... That was a job!! They are stinking cute! Wonder how many people are saying, "get those babies out of that cold!! :)

Emily J said...

I think we need to take the pics that the snow is back! And Layla has a new hat!!

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