Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Big Sister

You take one Emily off of your pregnant prayer list just to add another one to it, right away! Kris and Emily are expecting their second blessing in June, 2012!  Hip, hip, HURRAY!!!

[Are you kidding!? Just look at this sweet girl!]
Unlike last time, when Emily and Emily shared the majority of their pregnancies, this time, their pregnancies only overlapped by a couple months. Either way, Liv and Jordan #2 will still be close, seeing as how they'll only be seven months apart. (Charlie and Layla are a mere four months apart, and they are absolutely best friends.)

Actually, all four of the babies will be super close in age. Charlie will have turned two-years-old only a month before Layla's little brother or sister is born. Four kids (at least three of them girls) aged two and under for a whole year! Hill Ridge is gunna be hoppin'!

Imagine what it'll be like if we can toss a baby Mehaffey into the mix, too. Here's hopin' prayin'!! ♥

1 comment:

Beth D. said...

Wow! So happy for them. Our church nursery can't handle this ;o)

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