Thursday, November 17, 2011

Good luck, turkeys!

You know how I see a bunch of turkeys in the yard of a house I pass on my daily commute? And I enjoy seeing them a whole lot? Well, thanks to the month of November, I have started thinking of them in a whole new light. Turkey day Thanksgiving is drawing closer and closer. And in nearly every respect, I'm super pumped about this (especially for one specific activity, in particular). However, as next Thursday approaches, I'm also growing a sense of dread for my little friends.

They're all great big now; you can't tell the babies from the grownups. I can't even consider what that size may mean to some hungry families. Will my friends make it through the month? Will they last past this week? All this time, I ignorantly drove by them, naively enjoying the treat that they were in my life. How did I not automatically assume that they'd most likely eventually become a treat for somebody holiday table spread?? Poor, poor, turkey friends...

However, that doesn't change my mind about my personal annual menu. I still plan on enjoying some delicious turkey in my Thanksgiving meal. I just hope it isn't one that I personally know...

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