Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pirate Paaarrrrrty!

Yo, ho, ho! Hill Ridge loves it some themed Halloween parties! This year, the Jordans hosted a pirate party for all of our scallywag friends and foes!

Since Kris was in charge, legit invitations were created and distributed in prep for the event.

Once Halloween was upon us, his house was transformed into a blimey tavern for us buckos, complete with hand painted signs, creepy skulls, fish nets, and cobwebs covering every surface.

No party is complete without some yummy grub! We feasted on soups and chili before we indulged in some buccaneer treats - pirate, mummy, and pumpkin cake pops, cannonballs (buckeyes), gold nuggets (cheese cubes), and fish of the sea (goldfish) were some of the biggest hits.

Of course, we all had to take turns at the photo booth.

Kris, Emily, and Layla

Charles, Emily, Charlie and Liv (in Emmy's tummy)

Wes and Stacey (He's a Samali pirate.)

Bret and Jessica

Walt, Cristin, and Harper

Steve and Zoia

Aaron and Tara (He was another Samali pirate.)

And shiver me timbers! Look at these sweet little pirate lasses!

We couldn't end the evening without a giant group shot in front of the house amidst the spooky fog machine and giant skull & crossbones.

I love dressing up and being silly with best friends! Halloween is even more fun as an adult than it is as a kid. It's not all about trick-or-treating and swapping candy with your brothers. Who knew? ...not to imply that there wasn't trunk-or-treating or swapping candy with friends, though, even as a grownup!

What'd you dress up as this year? Did you go to a party and/or trick or treating? Enjoy the candy!



oh my gosh how much fun was that! the somali pirates made me laugh! and those little girls are adorable little pirates. you are so blessed to have such an awesome group of friends.

Kristen said...

So fun! What a great party! I'm impressed. =)

Pam said...


Elaine said...

I love this post! I looked at your album, too. You guys are crazy! You are so blessed to have so many close friends to share these good times with!

Love ya!

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