Friday, March 20, 2009

Farewell Little Apartment

Last night was the last night Brad and I resided in our apartment. The move is bitter sweet. While we are so excited to move into a house (with a fenced in backyard!), we are still sad to leave this stage of our lives. We've been in this little apartment for over two years, now. That's more than half of our marriage spent within these walls. So many memories to say good-bye to. Please indulge me as I bid farewell to our first, real "humble abode."

Good-bye, faithful Living Room, in which we spent the majority of our time. I will always remember the friends that you have hosted for various movie and/or game nights as well random gatherings. I'll never forget the evenings cuddling with my husband on this couch as we watched reruns on tv. And I will always hold the memory of our very first (wonderful) Christmas at home close to my heart.

I'm really going to miss your most perfect (however random) spot for both our aquarium and our collection of board games.
Good-bye, forgotten Dining Room. Even though we seldom took advantage of what you had to offer, you were always there to look pretty in addition to holding our junk mail. However, your scarce usage makes each dinner eaten around your table that much more memorable to me. Our anniversaries, surprise occasions, Christmas dinner and Life Group meetings. You made it so easy to entertain with that convenient "window" from you to your brother, the Kitchen. Thank you.

Good-bye, lonely Kitchen. You, like your brother, were rarely utilized during our inhabitance. But you always remained willing to prepare our mac 'n cheese, bake our frozen pizzas, chicken strips, and corn dogs, and store our milk and cereal. I know that your freezer will feel naked without the multiple magnets (from each place we have visited) and various photographs, but I'm sure your next caretakers will love on you just as much.

Farewell, my holy Bedroom. You have served as our sanctuary for the majority of our married life and have allowed love to thrive within you, never tolerating or hosting hatred or mean spirits. Thank you for always providing a safe haven of comfort and rest for our young and blossoming marriage.

Oh, Giant Closet, how I will miss you so! I know we may not have always cared for you as you deserved, but you never failed to house (and hide) all of our clothes and shoes. I am eternally grateful for your capacity as well as your ability to keep all of our "dirty" secrets!

My dear Laundry Closet, I have spent more than two years appreciating your convenient location right outside of our bedroom, as well as your handy shelf used for storing all of our random items. Thanks to my FlyLady clingy, you were never forgotten. (Well, okay, sometimes you were. Who am I kidding?) But, please, do not underestimate my gratitude for your faithful service.
Adios, crammed Guest Room / Office. You have been many things to us over the years, including temporary accommodation for two of our greatest friends during each summer spent here. You have not only provided a discrete area to display Brad's passion, but also granted us many laughs while gathered around YouTube on your desktop. But, I have great news! In our new home, you will no longer have to share a room with each other! That's right! There will be space enough for both of you to occupy his own area! See? Chin up! This move won't be so bad, after all!

This simple home has been such an incredible blessing from my Father, above. It was every thing we needed, exactly when we needed it. I have never taken this space for granted, and will definitely never forget it or the time spent here.


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful ode to your apartment! ::tear::

Anonymous said...

good bye mr. apartment!

Darlene said...

there is nothing like that first home! such great memories!

Cristin Claire said...

Awe.... goodbye sweet apartment. Thank you for letting us get to know Brad, Minday and Chester within your walls : ) I will never forget how impressed I was at Chester the first time I saw him ring his little bell...

Sasha said...

I love it!! I plan on looking at the pictures more in detail a little later. I might even have questions for ya!!


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