Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Showering Beth and Baby Adley

All of us girls gathered together to throw Beth a baby shower for her upcoming little girl, Adley. To maintain Beth's sophisticated style, the cafe was tastefully decorated with sleek and simple pink and white tulips. The cake was intended to mimic the argyle design that embellishes little Adley's nursery walls, and Cristin even created a decorative "A" to act as the centerpiece on the cake table before it adorns the baby's room. On the guestbook table sat a precious little dress that was a special gift from one of the elder's wives.

We all visited over fruits and veggies, along with Beth's signature punch that she has served at every other shower ever. It's so delicious, and we couldn't even consider throwing her a shower without offering it. (No, she did not make it herself, even though she attempted.) We had a great time, and I believe that Beth got a lot of great gifts that will come in quite handy. Now, all we need is for Adley to arrive!
Here are some of the table decorations

Friends visiting, and Beth opening gifts

Look at all those presents!

Complete Watson Baby Shower photo album


Erin Howell said...

Yay for Baby Adley! Check out all those gifts.. so spoiled. :)

mllsecretary said...

Love the simplicity of the decorations... very tastefully done.

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