Monday, March 16, 2009

Final Touches

Well, I believe we are officially done painting. For the time being, anyway. We successfully completed our living room, hallway, entryway, dining room, and master bedroom. It has been a pretty intense experience, as you can see by my demolished T-shirt. (The Lowe's guy informed me that we wouldn't have to come back for more paint so often if I wouldn't get so much on my clothes. He obviously doesn't know me!) Matthew and Heather joined us on Friday as we finished the dining room and began the bedroom.

We chose "Allspice" for our dining room, since it closely matched the accent color in our place mats. At first, I was afraid it was going to be a little too yellow. But it has definitely grown on me. I can't wait to get our red, white, and black "Fat Chef" decor in there.
What do you think of the difference?

In order to pull the sage green stripe out of our bedding, we chose "Cavern Moss" for the wall color in our master bedroom. Matthew taped the room, and Brad did a lot of the trim, while Heather and I shared the bulk of the walls. Oh, Matthew also helped by painting Brad while Brad painted the edges. Thanks a lot, Matthew. However, both boys fell asleep before too long, leaving Heather and me to finish up the room. I guess it was 1:00 in the morning... Thanks, Heather! You are the best!

Here are some before and afters. (The paint is still wet.)

There have been a few casualties during this project besides just my t-shirt. Look at that poor carpet. Thank goodness it's getting replaced! Our sink, however, may never be the same.

We're moving the last weekend of March. We'll see whether or not we decide to conquer the guest room, before then. I can't wait to see what the house will look like when we actually get all of our stuff in it! It's already been so much fun making it our's with just the walls.


Jay Arnett said...

House before painting...7/10.

House after least 8.2/10.

Just kidding! It all looks really great! Don't worry about your sink, I'm sure the FlyLady treatment will sparkle it right up!

Sasha said...

Looks good. I'm sure you both are having lots of fun in this experience!!

Leslie said...

I dig your paint choices! My whole house was that same tan color that yours was and I got soooo sick of it that I painted every room except the living room(too hard. ran out of energy) :)

Pam Hays said...

Looks awesome! I can't wait to see it in person! We're going to be best neighbor buddies!

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