Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gathered Around the Table

We gathered around our table for the first time, last night, as some of our favorite friends joined us for dinner. Charles and Emily came over so we could listen to the next session of RVL's seminar. Since they were bringing the "entertainment," we were more than willing and happy to feed them. We bought a ready-to-eat rotisserie chicken (which was so scrumptious with very little prep!) and some french bread to go with our mac 'n cheese that we always keep on hand. However, our intentions turned out to be a little nicer than our reality. At the last minute, we had to call them and ask them to grab their pot and colander so that we could actually prepare our mac 'n cheese. Turns out we haven't quite finished transporting our kitchen yet. Oops.

While they were over, they pursuaded to change the mantle that is above the fireplace to the larger shelf that was above our old fireplace. That, however, was much easier said than done. It took all six hands (and three problem-solving brains) of Brad, Charles, and Emily together to remove the one that was already there. (I was busy taking pictures, of course.) Turns out, it was built directly into the cedar panels and required about 45 minutes of brute strength.

It was worth all of the work, though. They were able to remove the old one without making any damage to the walls. I think the new shelf is more modern, and sleek, and Mehaffey. Don't you?

We were able to get a few pictures hung on the walls, as well as our Mehaffey board hung outside of our front door. I'll have to take some more pictures tonight so I can show it all off. We're quickly turning this little house into our very own dwelling space.


Jay Arnett said...

Yeah! That mantle looks great there!

You guys certainly aren't wasting any time in making a home out of your new house. It all looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

ok...that was fun! :)

em and charles

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