Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scrub A Dub Dub

Last night, I had no obligations. Rare. And Heather had no obligations. Also, rare. And both of our boys were spending time together at the Predators hockey game. Not so rare. I was planning on using my non-committed evening to haul and unpack another load of stuff from the apartment and tackle some overdue laundry. Heather was planning on using her free time to get a project done for work. What a great (and rare) opportunity for us to "do nothing" together! We jumped at the chance.

Heather met me at the house and helped me carry in the boxes that I had picked up from the apartment after work (which, by the way, did include my colander as well as our pots and pans - we're good to go for mac 'n cheese, now). I immediately started unpacking and finding homes for everything as she ate the fast food she had brought. Once I was (basically) finished unpacking, and as Heather was working on her project, I started a load of laundry and then joined her in the living room for a leisurely chat session. It wasn't long until my tummy started growling and hollering for me to make it a pizza. Who am I to argue?

When I walked into the kitchen to preheat the oven, I was confused as to why my feet were soaking wet. As I looked around the kitchen, I noticed that the entire floor was quickly filling up with soapy water. AAHHHH!! The next few minutes were a total blurr. I do know I yelled a lot. "What in the world is happening? You've got to be kidding me! Heather! Help!!" I darted into the laundry closet and shut off the washing machine and started sloshing through the giant puddle that was my kitchen. Heather hurried into the kitchen to witness the open flood gates while the current was dousing the entire area. The water was so deep that it literally covered our feet.

"What do we do? What do we do?? How did this happen?" I yelled, as I ran to the linen closet and emptied it of every towel that we owned to haphazardly toss into the lake. Heather (who still had her brains about her) instantly called her dad. He said to calm down, that a hose must have just come detached. Huh. Easy for him to say. He doesn't have to explain this embarrassing situation to his adorable husband when he gets home from a happy, hockey-filled evening.

Once I took a deep breath and stopped panicking, I realized how hilarious this whole situation was, and a light bulb went off: "This is such great blog material!!" What else was there to do but document the whole mishap on camera!? Heather and I laughed hysterically as we splashed through the water scooting around soaking wet towels. After many towel-ring-outs and re-wipes later, we had the main area mostly dried. Heather pulled out the washing machine and wiped behind it while I removed the bottom drawer from the oven and started mopping the floor underneath with paper towels (our real towels were now so drenched that they were of absolutely no use at all). Ew. It was gross under there. But, on a happy note, I did find a little hidden treasure underneath - a random toy gun left by the previous occupants. Neat. We tossed the saturated linens into the sink and called it a night. I could finally cook that pizza my belly had been begging for. Mmm...

Brad came home at 11:00 telling us all about the sudden death shoot-out and tragic loss at the Preds game. He finally asked about our evening, and then noticed the sink. "Why is there a pile of clothes in the sink?"

"Umm, it's not a pile of clothes; it's a pile of towels."

"Okay... why is there a pile of towels in the sink??"

To which Heather and I both exploded with the fiasco that was our soapy-water-filled evening. He didn't quite think it was as funny as we did, and he couldn't believe that we actually took pictures of the episode. (He obviously does not understand the importance of great blog material!) But he did hop right back behind the washing machine and reattach the hose. Thanks, Honey.

And, really, what's a new house without a good, traumatic story, anyway? Maybe, one day I'll be a good domestic housewife. Until that day comes, the practice sure is fun!


Anonymous said...

haha! you are so funny! i love this blog! :) so glad heather was there to help! that was a mess...

Anonymous said...

oh...that last comment was me.. (emily)

Sasha said...

WOW!! You were right about good posting material!! What a blessing that Heather was there with you and helped!! I would have freaked out too!! Glad you got it under control.

Madison said...

haha that was hilarious and a great pick me up for another round of all nighter anatomy!

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