Thursday, November 20, 2008


We delayed turning on our heat as long as we could in order to save some energy (costs). It was fairly simple, considering we are hardly ever in our apartment. Besides, we have plenty of blankets and I love any good excuse to snuggle up next to my husband. We made it all the way through October and half way through November. However, yesterday crossed the cold line for me. When I woke up, Chester was shivering and cuddling up in a tight ball as close to us as he could get to stay warm. It was in the teens outside and seriously in the 50's inside of our apartment! That was it. My survival instinct outweighed my frugal nature, and the heater was turned on - to 63 degrees. Warm enough to keep the icesicles off of my nose, but cool enough to keep the cost down. Afterall, we do have plenty of blankets, and I'm still looking for any reason to snuggle with Brad. :)

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Cristin Claire said...

Ok, so just wanted to let you know how we are saving in this department this year. We like it cold when we go to sleep, but poor Lola freezes. SO, we invested in a heater to turn on for her at night right in front of her cage. We realized in the process that that little sucker can heat up our entire bedroom! The box actually came with 2 heaters in it for $20, so we let our house stay freezing cold and use one of the heaters in the room we are in... it works like a charm!

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