Monday, November 17, 2008

No Shower Saturday

This past weekend, I was privileged enough to celebrate a No Shower Saturday. These occasions are characterized by having no obligations or commitments outside of the home, allowing me to spend the entire day in my PJ's without making myself up. They are few and far between, and I thoroughly enjoy them each time they sneak into my busy schedule.

I began my observance this week by sleeping in until 2:15 PM. Yeah, you heard me right, 2:15 in the afternoon. Aahhhh... So nice... As a general rule, Brad and I get negative amounts of sleep throughout the week. Back in the day, this was not a problem, because we could make up the hours through frequent naps. However, this new grown-up life is demanding more and more of our time to be spent awake. Without periodic Saturdays to refill our sleep tanks, I don't know how we'd function. Unfortunately, Brad was not able to join me in this recent celebration. He had meetings, events, and job obligations that filled most of his morning. Thankfully, he got home right as I was waking up at 2:30, with no further demands for the day.

We gladly spent the afternoon and evening lazing around. Brad took advantage of the free time by playing video games (a rare commodity nowadays), while I caught up on the house. I even washed our bed sheets! Brad lovingly pulled out our holiday storage and indulged me while I proceeded to make our clean apartment a little more festive! As of now, everything is out but the Christmas Tree, which is appropriately waiting until the day after Thanksgiving to be put up.

We concluded our wonderful holiday by having Erin and Aaron over (along with their precious new baby Cock-a-Poo, Newton) to watch some "30 Rock" and eat left over birthday cake. Yes, it's nice to have friends good enough to come visit even while celebrating a No Shower Saturday, and trusting that they won't call you dirty, greasy, or crusty. We are truly blessed.

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i love this! justin and i did the same thing last weekend. it was the first weekend since the move that we didnt have to do anything or go anywhere. so we lounged around all weekend (sat, sun, and mon for us) and watched movies and took naps. it was so great!

so great that you have friends that dont call you crusty. we wouldnt call you crusty either. :)

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