Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sermon Series

We are very blessed at Tusculum to have an incredible pulpit minister. Steve is able to preach in a way that seems like he's having a conversation with you over a coffee table. He preaches on relevant topics, talks on even my level, and incorporates movies and other visuals into many of his sermons.

While many, if not most, of his sermons are awesome, the 4-part sermon series that he just concluded really reached me. He titled it [un]certainty and focused on the uncertainty of these times in contrast to the certainty we find in Christ. The first week he talked about the financial crisis hitting the nation as well as other uncertainties that many of us are facing right now. The following week, he talked about "the more god" and what determines our contentedness. Next, he talked about our gauge for success and the difference between "great-at-ness" and true "greatness." He wrapped up the series by discussing who is really in control and having faith in the One who holds the future. If you get the chance, download the podcasts and listen to them. Even though you won't be able to view the short videos that originally accompanied each sermon, I believe you'll still get a lot of out of lessons. Let's keep this nation's economic, political, and moral future in our prayers.

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Sasha said...

Question unrelated to post: (Sorry, I didn't know where to post it and ask you)

Anyway, how are you able to search for people on blogspot? You found me within an hour of me creating my blog a few days ago and I was just curious how you did that. I'd like to search for other people I know that have blogs.

Thanks Mindy!

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