Wednesday, February 16, 2011


There are a few things that will always make me super happy. (Okay, there are actually quite a few things.) This year for Valentine's Day, Brad focused on two of the most sure-fire ways to make me grin big: flowers and silly, animated movies aimed toward children. But this particular date movie incorporated even another one of my life loves: gnomes! I've been dying to see Gnomeo and Juliet for a while now, and was so excited when he suggested it following dinner! There's nothing like some Gnomance to round out the year's most romantic holiday!

I'm so not even ashamed to admit that I completely loved it. I literally laughed the entire time. The plot was great and the characters were awesome. Each of them were classic yard ornaments with personalities that stayed true to their individual identities, from the sunbathing guy to the fishing guy to the girl holding a rose to the man leaning on a mushroom. The gnomey characteristics were absolutely hilarious. (They made a ceramic chinking sound every time they touched; they fought for status by maintaining the nicest garden and by racing lawn mowers; and their makeovers consisted of magic-markering her "eyeliner" and white-outing his beard.) The movie totally embraced the tackiness that surrounds gnomes by featuring a tree growing out of a toilet in the middle of the yard and then by them befriending a neighboring pink flamingo. Honestly, every detail was quirky, ironic, clever, and totally funny. If you like dumb G-rated films and/or lawn ornaments, you seriously need to watch this movie. I think you'll enjoy it.

Even better yet, it was in 3D! Wooty woot! Okay, really, 3D isn't all that awesome to me, especially as it seems that every new movie is going into the third dimension. But it was still fun. Besides, the ultra hip glasses provided a great photo shoot while we patiently waited for the previews to begin.

We may have secretly stolen six additional a couple extra pairs of the geeky shades from the recycle box receptacle to use with Charles' new 3D equipped gaming system. (Is it a PS3? Eh, ya got me. I have no idea.) Shhh... Don't tell.

I love lame movies. I love gnomes. I love silly self-portraits. I love goofing off with my best friend. I love special dinners. I love feeling loved. I love my husband. Pretty much, Valentine's Day 2011 was chalk-full of love. And love is another one of those things that will always make me super happy.  :)


Emily J. said...

Oh man!! Now Kris will really want to see this movie!! lol
Glad you guys had a wonderful V-day!
I'm sure the boys are super excited you scored those extra 3D glasses!

Kimberly Washer said...

You guys are just too cute!!!! I love all of the pictures with the glasses! We are usually super boring and just take one, maybe two, with the glasses on. This sounds like a really fun movie to see. They don't have it in the theaters in malaysia, but we are coming home in 2 days!!!

Laura C. said...

How did I miss this post?! Looks like Luke and I have another movie to add to our future-Red-Box-List :) Love'n the glasses pictures.

Pam Hays said...

#1 - you guys are color coordinated. CUTE!

#2 - I can't believe you had those glasses in your mouths!

#3 - I'm so glad that your hubby loves you so much and that you had a sweet V-day with him.

Love you!!!

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