Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Know You Now

Seriously, you're going to love this song. And you're going to love the video that goes with it, too. Aaron, the singer/songwriter, is a friend of ours from church, and my BFF Emily and Charlie (when she was just a baby) are featured in the video along with some other children of even more of our friends. (I have the most talented friends ever! And also friends who just so happen to have the most beautiful daughters, ever!) Enjoy!

I Know You Now from Punctum Media on Vimeo.

Isn't that such a great message? What a wonderful reminder of God's love for us, always. Even before we were born; and even now. (How stinking awesome to think that God already knows our future children! I love that.)

PS. You should totally check out Punctum Media, which is run by Aaron and some other friends of ours. I think what they're doing for the Kingdom is totally awesome. Through Punctum Media, they are creating video content to help spread the news about Jesus. They're starting from scratch and need all the word-of-mouth help they can get. So, if you feel so inclined, become their Facebook friend or join their email list (I know them. Don't worry, they won't spam you.) to see what they're doing.


Kristen@PrettySweet said...

Oh, my, I just CRIED watching this. I can't imagine that your friend Emily will ever watch this without crying either. Good tears, but still, oh, TEARS. ;) It's beautiful.

Kimberly Washer said...

Oh I can't remember who showed me this the first time, but I know a girl in this video to. The one is wedding dress goes to church with us back in where is you guys go?? Y'all live in Nashville right??

Mindy said...

Kimberly, that's cool! We go to the Tusculum Church of Christ on Nolensville Road in Nashville. We're pretty close to Smyrna, so I'm not surprised that mutual people have crossed our paths. It's a small world. :)

Dad said...

This is a beautiful video! Tell Emily that my friend, Holly, wants to contact her. You probably know my friend, Holly Wood? :-) Aaron is a very talented songwriter. I will gladly share this with all my FB friends!

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