Friday, February 11, 2011

Moving forward

Hey everybody! Brad got a new job, today! Yahoo!! And not only a new job, but the start of a new career!

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He has spent (a little over) a year in the medical field working as a nurse tech. During the year away from sales, he was able to step back and reevaluate his goals, priorities, ambitions, interests, skills, etc. Now, he is ready to step into a long-term commitment with a career, not just another job.

We're so excited!! (Sorry, had to let that one slip out. Hard to hold it in, right now! Now back to the details...)

He will be working for VF Corporation here in Nashville, which is the world's largest apparel company. (Whoa, right?) They hold brands such as Nautica, JanSport, Lee, Wrangler, NorthFace, Vans, etc. He'll be a Territory Sales Representative, and he'll act as a kind of "project manager" for all of the outside salesmen that travel around and drum up business. Once business is drummed, those new clients will contact Brad on a regular basis with any questions, orders, recommendations, and the like. Basically, Brad doesn't have to make any business, he just has to keep business. He'll be responsible for maintaining relationships (which he's a pro at) and keeping people happy. With Brad's past experience in retail and  his overall interest in clothing and fashion (yeah, it is what it is), he is completely perfect for this job!

Not to mention, this job is completely perfect for him! It'll be regular business hours (hallelujah!) and an increase in salary (yahoo!) plus commission. Oh, we are so stinking excited. I kind of feel like this is a big step into the "next stage" of our lives. With a stable job and income, who knows what in the world could come next?! (*cough*babies*cough*) It's all up to the Lord!

Speaking of, God is absolutely the greatest! We had been praying for doors to open and for a path to be made clear for our future. When this job opportunity was presented to us, we knew it was a green light from above. Throughout the entire interview process, we have completely given the situation up to the Lord and trusted Him. After all, He knows what's best for us, and He loves us enough to take care of us. I had a feeling that 2011 would be a good one for us. Man, I'm still in shock of such a blessing. Yea!

His first day will be Monday, February 28th. Only two more weeks! The Next Stage starts before the end of the month!

Bradley, I'm so proud of you!!

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If you want to give the newest TSR at VF your own round of congratulations, feel free to leave a comment on his similar post. (BTW, did I tell you that Brad has started his own blog with a focus on running!? Check it out!)

Yahoo! Happy day! Praise God! YEA!!!


Treva Doores said...

Congratulations!!!!!! Great news!!!!

Liesl said...

Wow - very very exciting stuff!!

Melissa Menley said...

Is this the job he really, really wanted??? Hope so! Congrats!

Jo Speed said...

Way to go Brad!

Nancy said...

Congrats! :)

Stacey said...

Yay yay YAY!!! So happy and excited. Love you lots!!!

Brittany said...

Congrats to Brad(and you)!!! I know you are so proud of him! I think 2011 has already been a great year for you two and I think more great things are to come!

steph said...

that is so awesome! God is good, hope this new career is a huge blessing to you both!

Natalie Wilson said...

Yay!! Congrats to you and Brad! That's awesome! I'll bet he's super happy about the new job!

emily j said...

soo happy to finally hear the good news today!!!

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