Thursday, February 17, 2011

A league of our own

While we were at the movies, Brad attempted to make a move on his #1 celebrity crush. He's loved Jennifer Aniston since her Friends days, but as you can see, she was not very interested in him at all.

Since Bradley had a chance to woo J.An, I at least had to get a shot with this pop heartthrob. Now, I wouldn't say that I have a crush on the Biebs like the majority of tweens in America do (I save my tween crush for TSwift.), but I do actually like him and really enjoy his songs while they're stuck in my head for hours on end. Sure, I'll go ahead and own up to a little Bieber Fever.  And honestly, the more I see of him through interviews and commercials and SNL appearances, the more I respect him as a remarkably talented, well-rounded, grounded, young man who seems to be handling himself pretty well within a tough industry. I love that he willingly makes fun of himself and genuinely loves his fans. (A lot of the same reasons I adore Swifty.) I'm sure we'll end up watching his movie at some point in time.

However, these big celebrities are totally out of our leagues. But that's okay, because we're in a league of our own. Thankfully, we're happy with each other and daily choose one another over unrealistic dreams and expectations, completely understanding that neither of us can ever live up to any of Hollywood's outrageous standards.

[Photo taken on last year's bday trip.]
True love is 100% better than any fantasy.


Anonymous said...

I am definitely a "belieber" and have the fever. I will admit it and Cameron won't let me forget it or deny it. i have already told him that i will watch the movie sometime...we should watch it together...not a crush but i am definitely a fan!


Madison said...

oh dear.... so many things i want to say...

Bryan said...

You've got the fever.

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