Thursday, February 10, 2011

A whole paw!

Chester turns 5 today! That's an entire paw!!

[Okay, fine. The above picture is technically not Chester. It's actually from a card that I found at the store of a dog who looks just like him. But it could really be him, seeing as how he also loves to hang his head out of the car window while we drive. Exhibit A:  ]

(If only he had some snazzy goggles, then he'd really be cool!)
I know it may seem silly, but I seriously love to celebrate our puppy's birthdays, because he just means so much to us. He really is one of our best friends in the world. He's always there for us and happy to see us; he's always loving on us and willing to play or cuddle... He's part of our little family, and our house definitely would not be the same without him.

(Man, remember summertime, when the world was green and warm and not covered in a ton of freezing snow? I miss those days...)
Happy 5th birthday, Chester! You're the best dog in the whole wide world, and I'm so glad you're in our life!


emily said...

happy birthday, col chester!
i can't wait to play!!!! meowwwww

Leslie said...

Happy birthday Chester! Hope your mom gives you a nice treat.

Ashli Rogers said...

I love that you guys do dog birthdays as well! It makes me not feel like such a weirdo. :)

Dad said...

Happy Birthday, Chester! It's hard to remember life BC(before Chester)Give him a doggy treat for me!

A guy who likes sharp looking rides said...

Who's sharp looking ride is that in your driveway? :-)

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